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Week 35: Caramlized Banana Pudding

My classic banana pudding recipe never fails me, but this variation with caramelized banana is just *chef's kiss*.

I know, I know, banana pudding is a summer staple, but in my family, we love eating it in the winter instead. I first made this two winters ago around the same time and fell in love with the recipe.

I never liked plain pudding growing up, but once I added Nilla wafers and these caramelized bananas, I got converted.

And yes, I am aware that this recipe does not technically take 30 minutes to make, but I had to make an exception. The actual process of assembling the trifle is only 25 minutes, and the additional time is the necessary chilling time. 😉





  • 1 cup cold milk

  • 1 package vanilla pudding mix

  • ¼ cup condensed milk

  • Nilla wafers

Caramelized Bananas:

  • ¼ cup brown sugar

  • ¼ cup butter

  • 4 bananas, sliced

Whipped Cream:

  • 1 ½ cups heavy whipping cream

  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar


  1. In a bowl, mix the milk, pudding mix, and condensed milk. In a stand mixer, beat the heavy cream until stiff peaks form. Fold the whipped cream into the pudding and set aside to chill.

  2. In a pot, over medium heat, melt the brown sugar and butter. Add your chopped bananas and stir until they soften for 1-2 minutes. Take off the heat and set aside to cool.

  3. To assemble, layer the pudding, Nilla wafers, pudding, bananas, Nilla wafers, pudding, and finally Nilla wafers. Cover and let the trifle chill for two hours.

  4. Right before the two hours are done, quickly beat the final heavy cream and powdered sugar to stiff peaks. This is for the final whipped cream topping. Spread over the banana pudding and top with crushed Nilla wafers for decoration.


The Bored Baker 👩🏽‍🍳


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