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Day 261: Yoda Macarons

I had a fun time making these cute Yoda macarons! These are naturally colored by pandan flavoring and taste delicious!

My fool-proof macaron recipe works every single time! I simply add 1/4 teaspoon of the pandan flavoring and achieve this lovely green color!

I've definitely got to work on my chocolate piping for macarons, as it was my first time and a little messy, but it was a great experience nonetheless!

You've got to be careful with the ears because you want them to be pretty pointy.

For the eyes and smile I used melted milk chocolate with a bit of black food coloring, but some dark chocolate by itself will be just fine. I recommend piping the eyes and smile so that it's a bit neater. ;)

These macarons taste heavenly. The creaminess of the buttercream compliments the crunchy macaron shell. Make sure to sift your almond and powdered sugar a few times to get huge feet on the macarons! If you don't have pandan, you can use green food coloring, and make it a vanilla macaron instead by adding 1 teaspoon vanilla extract to the meringue step.


|Level: 👩🏽‍🍳👩🏽‍🍳|Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes|Serves: 10-12|



Macaron Shell:

  • 3/4 cup almond flour

  • 1 cup powdered sugar

  • 2 egg whites, room temperature

  • A pinch cream of tartar

  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar

  • 1/4 teaspoon pandan flavoring

Pandan Buttercream:

  • 1/2 cup butter, softened

  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar

  • 1/4 teaspoon pandan flavoring


  • 3 pieces of a milk chocolate bar, melted

  • Black food coloring, optional


  1. In a bowl sift your almond flour and powdered sugar together three times. With an electric mixer beat your egg whites until foamy. Then add your cream of tarter and continue beating for 1 minute. Slowly (increasing the speed) add your granulated sugar and beat until stiff peaks form. Sift in your almond flour/powdered sugar mixture into your egg whites.

  2. With a spatula fold gently around 50 times until it flows like lava. After you've folded your batter around 25 times add your pandan. Pour into a piping bag and snip 1/2" off the end. Pipe on parchment paper (on a baking sheet) and add little triangles for the ears. Then let it dry on a counter for 45-50 minutes.

  3. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. To make sure it's dry, touch your finger lightly on the top of the macaron and if nothing sticks onto your finger it's ready! Bake for 11 minutes and cool for 5 minutes. It will firm up as it cools.

  4. Beat your softened butter, powdered sugar, and pandan flavoring in an electric mixer for a few minutes. Pipe onto your cooled macarons and pipe little chocolate eyes and a smile using chocolate, on the Yoda's face. If you have leftover green frosting you can pipe little wrinkles on the macarons forehead.


- The Bored Baker 👩🏽‍🍳


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