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Day 227: Baked Vanilla Doughnuts

This is a classic doughnut recipe, with a delicious vanilla glaze. It's sweet and moist!

Baked doughnuts are definitely different compared to fried doughnuts. They're a bit more cake-like, but what I like about them is that they're not as oily.

The bad part for these baked doughnuts, is that you need a doughnut pan. Fortunately they can be pretty cheap!

I have a mini doughnut pan, so I have a lot more doughnuts compared to a big doughnut pan. Even with a big doughnut pan, you get 12 doughnuts, so if you don't want that much, you can easily half the recipe! With a mini doughnut pan I get about 50 doughnuts. 😉

Sometimes it's good to start the day with a doughnut! If you don't want to put the glaze on, it's totally fine. The doughnut is full with nutmeg and cinnamon that it has enough flavor on it's own.

You'll love this amazing vanilla doughnut recipe, with a vanilla glaze. And don't forget to sprinkle some sprinkles on the top of your doughnuts! Stay tuned for some more doughnut themed food this week. 😊