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Day 51: Pita Chips

Even though pita chips seem pretty daunting, they actually aren't! You can either use store bought pita bread or make your own like I did (Pita Bread). Serve with humus, salsa or guacamole.

This is my version of pita bread you can find it here: Pita Bread.

After you've cut your pita breads into slices you brush them with oil (both sides) and sprinkle with salt.

They are so crunchy! Plus they are pretty healthy.

With my homemade pita bread recipe, you will make a lot of pita breads! Feel free to use more pita breads as this recipe only calls for 3.

Eat with hummus, salsa or guacamole.




Preheat oven to 400 degrees F and grease a baking sheet.

Cut your pita breads into 6 slices and coat the tops lightly with the olive oil. Flip and brush the remaining oil on the bottoms of the chips. Sprinkle salt and bake for 10 minutes.


- The Bored Baker 👩🏽‍🍳


The Bored Baker
The Bored Baker
May 05, 2020

That's great! I hope your pita chips turn out amazing!


Wow! I am going to make this recipe this Friday for a movie night.

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